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Diamond Tips


diamond glossary, BarninkaDiamond Tips Cut

  • See the diamond's brilliance and cut: before you buy.

excellent cut round, maximum brilliance
Table Diameter: 52.4 - 57.5%
Crown Angle: 33.7 - 35.8 Degrees
Pavilion Depth: 42.2 - 43.8%
Girdle Thickness: Thin, Medium, Slightly Thick
Culet Size: None, Pointed, Very Small, Small, or Medium



diamond glossary, BarninkaDiamond Tip (Dirty) Tricks

  • Cut is the most important, and least understood, factor of the 4C's. Tourist shops, online auction sellers and online shops use this to sell to you a poorer cut diamond.
  • 97.5% of a diamond's brilliance is controlled by the quality of it's cut:
    1. proportions
    2. polish
    3. symmetry of it's facets
  • Poor cuts (even the D IF 'graded'/indicated ones), also called off-makes, are relatively cheap! You may find these offered at eBay and tourist trap shops. A poor cut diamond has up to 50% less brilliance than a VeryGood cut diamond. Poorly cut diamonds will refract only white light, or appear dull and lifeless and often have dark or washed-out areas that allow to see through the bottom of the stone. Watch out: ... Purchasing a diamond online is like buying a second hand car without a test-drive ...
  • The lighting at tourist shops (and many jewelers) is specialized to enhance the brilliance and whiteness of a diamond. Watch out: a diamond appears much whiter than it really is in such a lighting condition.
  • Tourist and (online) diamond shops frequently use fake certificates to sell a diamond to you. Watch out: switching a certificate for one with a better grade also occurs!
  • Too thin girdle diamonds: Yes, a diamond can break or be chipped. You better avoid these very thin girdle diamonds (despite the fact that they are cheaper) frequently offered online.
  • Doublets: Doublet is a composite of a diamond and a simulant. The top (1/3) is true diamond, the bottom 2/3 worthless zirconia or another simulant. The tourist trap jewelry shop may demonstrate to you with a diamond tester (the top and only genuine part) that it is true diamond. Watch out: you'll end up always paying the diamond price for the simulant bottom part!
  • Other diamond tricks, like treated diamonds nowadays quite popular in online auctions! Good to know yet very difficult to notice: high-pressure high-temperature treated diamonds (brittle), laser drilled diamonds, false certificate, coated diamonds, color coating, nano coating, simulants, paying handling costs for returning a diamond purchased online and/or paying for damaging the original (sealed) packaging, glued diamonds, fracture filled diamonds, irradiated fancy colored diamonds...
  • Diamond watches online offers trick: Look for small sentence like "All custom diamond and gold work is done by ......, and not by the watch manufacturer". This means the diamonds are NOT set by the watch manufacturer and you have NO manufacturer's warranty.

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