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  • Above 0.3Ct: See clarity first, buy later.

Unless you have a high confidence level: See before you buy. Look at the diamonds of your choice with a good loupe (10x magnification).
Many online mass diamond stores, lower-end mall jewelry outlets, department stores, shopping channels & warehouse type discount outlets sell diamonds of poor clarity quality.
Look at a diamond not set in a jewel : prongs and bezels (metal frames) can hide inclusions, blemishes and chips.



diamond glossary, BarninkaDiamond Tip Learning

  • Not two diamonds are the same: the 'birth-marks' or internal clarity characteristics, are natural impurities or markings such as: other mineral crystals, or small diamond particles that are present within the host diamond, feathers and/or breaks, carbon spots, air bubbles, pin points, clouds, knots, naturals or visible distortions of the crystal structure.
  • Inclusions that appear in the diamond's table (center) lower the clarity grade more than inclusions located near the girdle edge of the stone.
  • The term "clarity" refers to how clear or pure a diamond is. The clarity grade is determined by a skilled diamond grader based upon the number, color, size, nature and location of the internal ('inclusions') and external ('blemishes') imperfections.

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