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Diamond Glossary


Diamond Terms P
  1. Pink
  2. Pit
  3. Points
  4. Polish Lines
  5. Polish Mark

pink diamonds



Diamond Term Explanation

  1. Pink diamonds: a rare natural fancy reddish color available from few manufacturers like Barninka, however radiation treated diamonds (not natural colors) may also have a pink color variation. And nowadays there also exist lab-grown pink diamonds. Treated and irradiated or high pressure-temperature treated pink diamonds are a fraction (2-10%) of the cost of natural pink colored diamonds.
  2. A tiny opening, often looking like a white dot.
  3. Pts , 1 Pt. is a 100th of a carat. Barninka produces diamonds from 3 points to 3 carat.
  4. Tiny parallel lines left by polishing. Fine parallel ridges confined to a single facet, caused by crystal structure irregularities, or tiny parallel polished grooves produced by irregularities in the scrape surface.
  5. Surface clouding caused by excessive heat (also called burn mark, or burned facet), or uneven polished surface resulting from structural irregularities.