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Diamond Glossary


diamond glossary, BarninkaDiamond Terms H
  1. Hardness
  2. Hearts & Arrows
  3. HRD



diamond glossary, BarninkaDiamond Term Explanation

  1. Mineral's resistance to scratching on a smooth surface. Mohs scale of relative hardness consists of 10 minerals (talc, gypsum, calcite, fluorite, apatite, orthoclase, quartz, topaz, corundum, and diamond), each scratching all those below it in scale and being scratched by all those above it. Diamond is at the top (10 on Mohs).
  2. The hearts and arrows cut (H&A) creates a perfectly symmetrical round brilliant diamond with 58 painstakingly cut and aligned facets which endlessly magnify light within the diamond. Under special illumination the H&A cut diamond presents a perfectly symmetrical pattern resembling hearts and a star of arrows of the same length and width. The majority of Hearts and Arrows diamonds are manufactured in Antwerp as only few master cutters are able to create them.
  3. Hoge Raad voor Diamant. An independent non profit institute in Antwerp for the diamond industry. Reliable impartial diamond certification controlled by Belgian state authorities.

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