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diamond glossary, BarninkaDiamond Terms E
  1. Emerald
  2. Extra Facet

emerald cut diamond
emerald - green



diamond glossary, BarninkaDiamond Term Explanation

  1. Emerald cut: step cut diamond, usually of rectangular shape and cut corners. The ideal length to width proportion of the emerald cut is between 1.5 and 1.7
    Not to be mistaken by an emerald gem. An emerald gem is the green color form of the mineral beryl. Small amounts of chromium substituting for aluminum give it its unequaled deep pure green. Be3 Al2 [Si6 O18]+ Cr2 O3
    It is typically found in prismatic hexagonal crystals that are usually flawed and small in size. It is hard and durable at about 8 on the Moh's hardness scale.
  2. A "false" facet, a facet placed without regard for symmetry and not required by the cutting style.

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