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  1. The Antwerp diamond district is located centrally close to Central Station. Antwerp plays an important role in the diamond trade and industry ever since the fifteenth century. Today it is the most important diamond-trading center in the world. In fact, on a square kilometer small area the Antwerp Diamond district handles more than 80% of the world’s rough diamonds, 50% of cut diamonds and 40% of industrial diamonds. The diamond sector accounts for 7% of Belgium’s total exports. The unique infrastructure of the diamond district is home to 1'500 diamond companies and four diamond exchange bourses. The choice is huge and this makes for fierce competition and razor-sharp prices, not to mention a highly-efficient service.
    Thousands of Antwerp diamond processors work every day to uphold the international quality label 'Cut in Antwerp'. A constructive vision of the future, thorough training, applied research and advanced technology, backed by five centuries of tradition, vouch for the quality. The Antwerp diamond world is home to Indian and Jewish communities, but also to many Lebanese and Armenians and to people from Asian and African countries who have been arriving in large numbers since the eighties. The diamond district is a multi-racial mosaic of cultures.

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