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Diamond Glossary


diamond glossary, BarninkaDiamond Terms B
  1. Baguette
  2. Ballerina setting
  3. Barninka
  4. Bearding
  5. Bezel
  6. Blemish
  7. Brilliant
  8. Bort
  9. Bow Tie
  10. Bruise

baguette cut diamond - sidebaguette cut diamond - top
round brilliant cut diamond - sideround brilliant cut diamond - top



diamond glossary, BarninkaDiamond Term Explanation

  1. A step cut in the shape of a small rectangular diamond. May be tapered at one end.
  2. The Ballerina setting consists of center stone that is surrounded by a series of diamonds that are cut in a tapered Baguette style. A ring setting that resembles an elegant ballerina’s tutu or skirt.
  3. 3rd generation of diamond manufacturers specializing in 'Antwerp Cut' diamonds
  4. Tiny, numerous, hairlike fractures extending into the diamond.
  5. A facet on the crown, or upper part of the diamond above the girdle.
  6. Surface imperfection external to the diamond.
  7. The most common cut, round, containing 57 or 58 facets.
  8. Industrial grade diamonds, diamonds not suited as jewels.
  9. An effect caused by a shadowy area visible in some fancy shapes, caused by light leaking out the bottom of the diamond.
  10. An inclusion consisting of surface crumbling, often accompanied by tiny, root like feathers .

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