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round diamonds and fancies

'Barninka Diamonds' specializes in optimal cut and perfectly polished diamonds, from 3 points to 3 carats. Your diamond of 50 points and up comes with a certificate, certified by IGI, GIA or HRD.

round_brilliantFrom rounds to fancy shapes heart diamond
blue diamondNatural fancy colored too.pink diamond 'cut by Helzburg - Antwerp'
diamond pairPerfectly matching pairs trillion diamonds


Direct from the manufacturer
You profit from buying direct from Maurice, the 3rd generation of Barninka diamond manufacturers.

  • you purchase at the best price,
  • you have the choice of a vast assortment within your budget,
  • and delivered quickly so as to keep your inventory investment low.

You get the best: the world famous 'Antwerp cut', fabricated by a dynamic team of Antwerp diamond cutters and polishers applying the traditional Antwerp techniques of cutting and polishing diamonds optimally.

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